Today, we would like to present you Florian Edger.  Florian is currently working on the PhD in the context of the ForZDM project.  He is one of the youngest members and was hired at the ISW-Institute of Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units as a researcher for this European project. We find interesting to know from the perspective of a young engineer like Florian how such a European project like this can help young people on their careers and his personal vision of it. Following, we will get more into details.




Name:                 Florian Eger, M.Sc.

Employer:          University of Stuttgart (ISW)

Education:          Bachelor and Master in Mechanical Engineering (University of Stuttgart)

 - Your contribution to the project: We would like to know your responsibility inside ForZDM. Which are the activities you carry out? In what are you working in?

 “The University of Stuttgart has already knowledge in the field of control systems, optimization and multi-stage production systems. My responsibility in the project is to support the project in all work packages but my main duties will be in the one which is about on-line defect prevention. To improve the three different multi-stage production systems under study by the project, I will try to implement several AI methods, work on feature selection and extraction and on correlation analysis. Other activities will be the selective and adaptive assembly and the development of different in-line repair strategies such as in-line repair within the same process stage or downstream compensation (feed forward control).”

 - How this opportunity emerged: It would be interesting to know how you were given the opportunity to take part in this project and if you think that it can help young people to develop their careers.

 “For the last years of my studies I worked at the institute (ISW) as a scientific assistant. After finishing my Master last year, I got the offer from my supervisors to work in the ForZDM project. Being a great opportunity to write a doctoral thesis, I decided to work a few more years in scientific research in the frame of this project. I have already met many interesting people from different sectors having different working cultures and have the chance to work on very promising and diverse activities from a technical point of view. So far I would say a European research project like this is a great possibility for graduates.”

 - Future vision of the project: In this case, you could talk about where the project could be applied and be useful for.

 “My goal is to generate holistic strategies for zero-defect manufacturing in multi stage production systems with a higher technology readiness level and no single isolated solutions. The ForZDM project can be pioneering in  this field and I think we have a balanced mixture of partners to achieve it.”

 There is clear evidence that Florian has a lot of responsibilities inside the project which are perfect to apply the knowledge acquired during his years as a student at the University of Stuttgart. It is important for young people such him to feel like they are contributing to the project and that the years of study have been useful. As Florian mentions, he believes that the project is a great possibility for graduates like him. We should also highlight the fact that he has met many interesting people. This is very important as networking is key for career development. So, as a whole, we wanted to reflect how young people have place in European projects and that they are a perfect opportunity for them to develop themselves as professionals and show that they have the passion, strength, ability and knowledge necessary.