Iker Roncal contribution to project ForZDM

Welcome Iker, we would like to know about your internship at TECNALIA.

Well, I must say that this has been my first experience in a company. Therefore, I felt excited and afraid at the same time as I wanted to show that I could perform my work correctly and giving my best, but did not know how it would develop in the end. For me, working for a big company like TECNALIA has been an important step in my career. I would like to remark all the support and opportunities that I was given as well as the learnings acquired.

Why did you choose it?

Deciding where to do my internship was a difficult decision as I had to think for the best option. I did some research in order to see where I could apply for an internship and TECNALIA was one of my options. After thinking a lot, I finally decided to work here due to several reasons such as the size and notoriety of the company, the fact that it is a Research Centre… But was most attracted me was that I was going to work inside the Marketing department which is my favorite field.

What have you done?

Inside TECNALIA, my work was dedicated to help in the dissemination activities of different European Projects, the most relevant was ForZDM, https://www.forzdmproject.eu/news, “Solutions to manufacturers to improve benefit in the pieces production with technology, Zero Defects/ForZMD Project”. 

I work as well as in the organization of events and business days. I had to write news and articles, be in contact with suppliers, haulers, distributors, clients, manage some on-line networks, and so on. 

What have you learnt?

A lot. Every day was something new to learn so, that is the first learning. Secondly, the importance of communication, team work and good vibes with peers. This allowed me to feel secure, supported and with the feeling that things were going well and that if I needed help I would have it. There are a lot more but I think both of them are the main ones, that’s why I would like to remark them mostly. I feel proud having worked for TECNALIA.