ForZDM results at the Move to 4.0 workshop

Tecnalia shows the implemented functionalities for dependencies identification and modelling of production line data at the Move to 4.0 third online workshop.

Tecnalia has implemented a set of functionalities that allow non-expert users to analyse and model production data by using machine learning techniques. Based on very basic fundamentals of these techniques and with no need to code, manufacturing experts can benefit from the potential of machine learning to identify the root cause of defects appearing either at the individual process stages or in parts. The functionalities make part of the analysis software developed jointly with other ForZDM partners.

Move to 4.0 is a European initiative supported by the EIT Manufacturing aiming to lead the transformation of manufacturing SMEs in Europe by the diversification and renovation of their businesses. A set of workshops are being held to help companies to match their challenges and business opportunities with tools and technology partners for their transformation.

The presentation shown during the workshop is available at the Public Results section.