ForZDM project was presented in the CSA FOCUS Meeting in Brussels

First contact with cluster ZDM.

Work meeting took place on November 24th, at EASME agency, Brussels, to introduce and analyze the FOCUS CSA’s main results to the 4ZDM cluster.

4ZDM cluster gathers several related projects, identifies common interests and synergies, and creates collaborative spaces under the zero-defect manufacturing (ZDM) concept. Through the dissemination of research results developed within industrial cases, it identifies commercial & business opportunities around ZDM.

The cluster is paving the way towards an efficient transfer that will allow increase industrial impact and also, it aim at the definition of a ZDM vision, paradigm and system architecture.

In addition to the projects coordinators of the former cluster (IFACOM, MEGAFIT, MIDEMMA and MUPROD), the new coordinators of the projects under FoF-3-2016 also participated at the event (ForZDM, GOODMAN, STEAM0D, ZAERO and Z-FACTOR). The main objectives of the workshop were:

  • To show the impact of FOCUS outcomes on FoF related clusters/projects.
  • To Enlarge 4ZDM cluster with new recently-born projects (under FoF-3-2016).
  • To demonstrate and test the clustering & exploitation methodologies (developed in FOCUS) at ZDM framework: from bottom-up to top-down.

Web page of the 4ZDM Cluster: