ForZDM does not stop and makes another appearance in Italy

ForZDM continues its way and was present in MECSPE, a local exhibition located in Parma, concretely in the Emilia Romagna region. During days 23-25 March, ForZDM was presented with the collaboration of Montronix.

MECSPE can now be considered the most important Italian year based machine tool marketing/promoting exhibition. Montronix participated with its own booth and a part of it was dedicated exclusively to ForZDM project. The exhibition was full of visitors but not only that, they showed high interest on Montronix products and the ForZDM project. This interest is easily understandable. Industry 4.0 concept is leading the interest of the most advanced companies when it comes to new technologies and reliable partners to improve their processes. Montronix sensor and the ForZDM project perfectly matched the expectations. It was a great opportunity for the project with very good results.